This process is more detailed and longer than most clans, but well worth the effort. Resist the urge to skip a portion. Upon reading and understanding each section within the membership process select the bottom right button.

The welcome is posted on the =SWF= homepage.

This is the =SWF=s purpose and future path.

(this section) To give potential applicants a clear understanding of the steps needed to attain membership status.

This is how each individual player in the clan is expected to behave in-game, in-forum, and in-Teamspeak.

These are the initial requirements to become a recruit.

Being a member of this clan is/will be rewarding.

Anyone can register to participate in our forum.

The purpose of this section is to let you know what you can expect from the clan and what the clan expects from you.

The application is the final segment of the in-processing to become a recruit and the first significant step to become a member of an elite clan.