- We are currently in Phase I of our =SWF= clan vision, building a solid 
     BF2 gaming clan.
- You can belong to other video gaming clans, but shall not be member of 
     a competing Battlefield clan.
- There are approximately two events a month and two weekly "Meeting Spots."
- The only mandatory attendance is for an event you have already committed 
     to attend.
- If you agreed to participate in a =SWF= event and determine you are unable 
     to attend, please notify the organizer of the event and a member of the
     command group.
- There are no required fees to be a =SWF= member.  However, there are 
     expenses (website, forum, VoIP server, etc.) that need to paid every
     month.  Five dollars from each member each month is encouraged to put 
     toward our expenses.  Those desiring Admin priviledges will
     need to be contribute at least $5/month via a PayPal subscription.
- You can soon be part of an international organization of Brits, Germans, 
     Vikings, Americans (Both North American and South American), and other
     BF2 gamers from around the world.
- After the initial application and screening, you will be notified by the 
     command group as to whether or not you have been accepted to become
     a recruit.
- After receipt of your approval to become a recruit, you are bestowed the      
     honor of brandishing the =SWF=(r) recruit tag on-line.
- Recruit status shall not exceed 90 days. You will be selected for 
     membership status based on your participation, conduct, skill, and ability      
     to fit in with the team.
- By displaying the =SWF= and =SWF=(r), you are representing the Spartan      
     War Fighters Clan and must set the example. We strive for excellence 
     by practicing and improving our individual and team skills and share our 
     war fighting knowledge with other clan members to improve the overall 
- In non-tournament play, leadership positions and use of vehicles are equal      
     opportunities for members and recruits.
- Any member or recruit may challenge another clan. Additional 
     information on challenging other clans can be found by pressing the 
     “Fight Us” button. 
- Post in our forum.
- Portions of our website and forum are restricted areas only to be 
     accessed by full members.
- Never accept defeat and keep fighting. Every flag capture, kill, and 
     revive counts. 
- When a gaming round loss occurs, we will treat friend and foe with 
     respect. We tighten up the boot laces, keep our heads in the game, and 
     rebound for the overall victory. 
- Seek out =SWF= clan members on Xfire, TS, and frequently played game 
- As a =SWF= member, you will receive:
             + The =SWF= clan tag
     	+ A source of BF2 information and clan events 
              	(the =SWF= website)
     	+ Access to Restricted website and forum areas
     	+ Preferential treatment
       	+ All of the incentives spelled out in the “Benefits" section
     	+ Recognition of being part of a winning team
    	+ Inclusion in a Brotherhood

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