Wow! How many video gaming clans survive two years? Not many; with most not making it to the one year mark. In fact, most video games do not keep people's attention for the duration of one year. We have done well, Spartans.

The =SWF= Spartan War Fighters clan has accomplished a lot since its inception in May 2007. Let us review some of the highlights. Our annual recruiting resulted in 10 new Members the first year and we increased the number by 14 in the second year. Our international status has attracted a following from 6 different countries and continues to expand. We began renting our first gaming server, Battlefield 2 (BF2) Ranked Server, in August 2008. We orchestrated our first clan group photo in October 2008, had our biggest turn-out for an event in November 2008 with 14 Spartans gaming, and, also in November, branched out to our first Battlefield 2 modification � Project Reality (PR).

After a slow month in December due to the holiday season, a lot of positive change began to take place. In February 2009, we got our first functioning dedicated Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) server, had our first successful Challenge (scrim) against another clan, and transitioned to a new =SWF= Forum thanks to the efforts and generosity of four of our =SWF= Members. After many months of failed attempts, we finally got the battlefield recording feature to function with our game server in March 2009.

Also in March, our clan led the way with the Forgotten Honor community to save the Project Reality League. We organized and participated in two PR Clash of Clans events to stimulate interest in the PR League. The two Clash of Clans events involved 16 clans and 139 PR fighters. It appears the league has been saved as it is still around and continues to improve its website under new management.

We experienced a slight set-back due to unforeseen circumstances in March 2009. We were then awarded a PR license and switched our server over to Project Reality in April 2009. Since then, there has been a temporary reduction in clan services in May 2009 because of our attempts to consolidate our position within the battlefield community. Even with the recent speed-bump, we have increased the size of our ranks with 4 new =SWF= Members since March 2009.

After reading a brief roll-up of significant clan events, now, let us present our purpose. But first, let us field this question: Why do First Person Shooter (FPS) online gamers select the =SWF= clan? FPS online gamers select our clan because our recruiting process places emphasis on our recruits being able to "fit in" with the TEAM. It's about people and having FUN. Our clan offers an added bonus with a large number of our =SWF= Members have real-world police and military experience; this organizational attribute tends to attract like-minded war fighters.

Our organizational purpose continues to be to improve our member's effectiveness and enjoyment by having a plan, task organizing, communicating, and stressing teamwork with our common goal of winning.

We'll see you on the Battlefield!